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Your Partner for a Healthy Business

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Get to the Next Level.

Most freelance consulting firms provide a few nuggets amid bloated presentations followed by manuals that are never opened again. Not Watson Healthcare Solutions.


We get things done. 


Having discovered what really works over our 30-plus combined years of entrepreneurial success, we provide Proven Solutions that take your organization to the next level and beyond.

All Forward.

Is your team all on the same page and paddling in the same direction?  

While getting and keeping on the same page is a function of leadership, it is also facilitated by a well-designed management system.  Let WHS help your business move forward with a shared vision through systemized concerted effort.


Physical Therapy.

We are passionate about program development and have more than 20-years of experience serving orthopedic physical therapy and related services.  WHS can provide you with the needed analysis, planning, and, importantly, forward-thinking expertise to optimize and grow physical therapy and rehabilitation services in any setting.

Contact Us.

2941 Battleground Ave. #39510

Greensboro, NC  27438

877-928-WATSon  (9287)

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